September 1st 2020

The Gospel & Racial Injustice | 3 Months Later

A Saturate Webinar

In late May, people across the US and beyond experienced a society-wide response to a series of acts of racial injustice. People responded in various ways, and followers of Jesus discussed how the gospel leads us to seek biblical justice. But that was late May. Where are we in early September? Have we lost the sense of urgency around these conversations? Have we returned to a comfortable life? Is anything truly changing? The panel from Saturate’s June “Gospel & Racial Injustice” webinar returns to consider questions like these. We will continue to learn together how the gospel is good news for this moment, and how it moves us all toward those facing injustice.

Atanasio Segovia

Atanasio Segovia serves as the Director of Familia Soma. He oversees and is building out the full Soma Family expression for Latinos. Atanasio lives in Leon, Mexico with his wife Sunshine and his two sons: Noam and Pablo.

Kendrick Banks

Kendrick was a founding leader and served as an elder of The Crossing Church in Monroe, LA, a church plant in the Soma Family. He and his wife, Amelia, completed Soma Sending in December 2019. They, along with their two children, Titus and Norah, were sent to Dallas in March 2020, to plant a church in the Oak Cliff neighborhood.

Sam Choi

Ever since he first encountered God at the age of 15, Sam has been consumed with love for Jesus, the church, and those who are far from God. This passion has grown to a life given to making disciples, empowering others, and sharing the Gospel with those who do not yet know the greatest treasure in the world.

Sam has served in a number of pastoral positions for over a decade. He has received formal training at Georgia State University, Metro Atlanta Masters Commission, Eternity Bible College (B.S. Biblical Studies), and Bethlehem College and Seminary (M.Div.). He currently serves as an adjunct instructor at BCS and is completing his Th.M. at a snail’s pace.

Sam and his wife Joanna reside in the Centa Neighborhood and are raising four delightful kids: Elijah, Eden, Mercy, and Hope. In his spare time, you can find Sam hanging with the family, hooping with old-timers at the YMCA, and vicariously living through Jeremy Lin’s basketball career.

Sam serves as the pastor leading the church in vision and leadership development at All People’s Church┬áin Minneapolis, MN.