After-Conference with Todd Engstrom:

Open to All

Register separately for these additional After-conference sessions. Includes dinner.


While the focus of the Transition Conference is primarily around stories, processes, and structures around transitioning your church from Sunday to everyday, the after-conference with Todd Engstrom will focus on best-practices and help for leaders trying to transition small groups toward communities on mission. Think of the After-conference as the “micro” of transitioning that informs the “macro” of how your church is transitioning. Are your members living as families of servant missionary teams? Or are they still getting together for a weekly Bible study? Todd’s sessions will include help with barriers, strategies for common mission, and how to coach and train up apprentices.


  • 12:30 Conference officially ends
  • 2:30 Session #1
  • 5:00 Dinner
  • 6:30 Session #2
  • 8:30 Post After-conference trip to local pub (optional)
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