About Saturate

We’ve Been Right Where You Are

Moving the Church from Sunday into the “Everyday”

Want to lead your people to see themselves as missionaries in the everyday stuff of life? Register today and learn:

How the gospel applies to every aspect of life

Know and live in light of your gospel identity

Effectively engage in everyday mission while avoiding burnout

Learn how gospel saturation can occur where you live

Gain tools for immediate use in making disciples in the everyday stuff of life

Learn about available resources for next steps and on-going specialized support

Communities centered around mission are the heart of what God has called His Church to be and do.

Attending Saturate EveryDay will give you a vision for what it might look like to saturate your own community with the gospel so that every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus.

  1. Transferable — you can do it anywhere.
  1. Reproducible — anyone can do it.
  1. Scalable — applied to anyone or any group.

Our desire is to equip everyday people to move out into the world for God’s purposes armed with effective tools. We want to help avoid mission burn out and point toward practices and methodologies that are transferable, reproducible, and scalable.

Matthew’s Story

Matthew pastors a 130+ years-old church. He and some of his leadership team came to one our 2015 trainings. He was hoping to learn more about how to lead his church toward living on mission in the every day, in particular, reaching the lost and helping them enter into the Kingdom of God.

Matthew had read the book Saturate and had a host of questions. He felt ill-equipped to lead his church toward truly living on mission. During the training, he and his team gained valuable knowledge and insight about the realities of being a church on mission in the every day. And, because Matthew had brought his leadership team, they were able to process through what they learned together, and build the initial steps of a plan to cast vision to his staff, volunteers, and church body.

Matthew just recently followed up with a Saturate team member, and we learned his church has already begun the transition toward making disciples who make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. They are eager to participate in Saturate’s on-going specialized support through coaching, consulting and resources.